my little site :3

welcome to my little corner of the internet
im tufo, a human with a as of now not specified gender.

who am i:

i very likely have adhd and am just waiting on a doctor appointment to confirm it.
my current hyperfixations are; programming, preferably in rust but i am just learning it right now, chemics, both in the sense of making stuff and the theory behind it (reading through the whole of psychonautwiki right now.).

what i am trying to do right now in programming is learning rust whilst trying to make a markdown blog software with it.

i also like playing games, right now either celeste or minecraft

links my mastodon

webrings ssi webring a random site

use arch linux The Onion Router use firefox kill chrome and chromium use ublock origin TRANS RIGHTS NOW archive dot org the internet archive Piracy NOW! Anarchy NOW! BLAHAJ my best friend! anarchy + queer trans... i hate microsoft! CATS antifa A.C.A.B get 88x31 buttons queer pride! anarchy now ADHD!!!!!!!!!!
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